DocStyle will convert and style any PDF file or Word document completely in a single process.

Have you ever received a PDF file from a colleague and needed to turn it into a properly formatted Word document, only to realize that you’re facing a grueling and time consuming manual process?  

Artificial Intelligence and proprietary logic has been built into our powerful engine specifically designed for automating document structure and cleanup!  Styles are applied to numbered paragraphs, body text paragraphs and title paragraphs.  Intelligent paragraph recognition has been engineered into this dynamic application for a highly accurate reproduction of the original content! 

Here are just some of the added benefits you will find within DocStyle:

  • Tables are identified and constructed, whether they contain Bounding Borders or include Nested Tables.

  • Section Breaks are inserted as necessary.

  • Headers & Footers are detected and inserted into the header and footer section of the document.

  • Footnotes are inserted as footnotes and not text at the bottom of the page.

  • Numbering, including Multilevel Numbering, List Numbering are all recognized and applied to the new styled document.

  • Table of Contents can be added as a field and not static text, allowing for automatic generation of the table of contents.

  • Templates: DocStyle can apply the Microsoft Word template of your choice.

DocStyle is a brand-new innovation, bringing the power of Word Processing to everyone.  A truly unique and powerful advancement to expedite document drafting. DocStyle LLC is an independent organization, visit their website today to learn more!