Commitment to Excellence
Evolution Software is dedicated to the development of legal software and technologies.  Our mission is to design practical, intelligent, and comprehensive tools to aid in the collaborative efforts of legal professionals everywhere, while achieving industry-leading performance.  

Evolution was founded by technology experts in the legal industry with certain core philosophies:

  • Make our software functional, yet easy to use.
  • Streamline the technology to help legal professionals be more efficient.
  • Deliver stability and reliability to customers.
  • Improve accuracy and produce quality results.
  • Design focused software for an intended purpose.  
  • Customer service, customer service, customer service!

Our solutions are lighter, faster, and less expensive than other products currently on the market. Delivering efficiency and great value for our clients is the fundamental backbone of this organization. This core philosophy can be found throughout our business model, from concept and design to customer service and support. Evolution Software is committed to provide you with a truly excellent customer experience, while satisfying your business needs. 
Focused on your needs
Evolution Software personnel are some of the best and brightest minds. We deliver on a promise of a more efficient technology experience.  Evolution Software is the best choice simply because we develop precision instruments which deliver exactly what you need.