Analyze & Purify
Remove unwanted metadata from email attachments and secure your organization today!  With PuR MetaData, organizations can mitigate the risk of unwanted metadata leaving the workplace quickly and easily.  PuR MetaData will decrease liability and avoid costly lawsuits by protecting your organization’s privacy – comprising information. Furthermore, PuR MetaData’s platform enables you to increase efficiency and productivity.  PuR MetaData is simple, reliable, and cost effective.

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Empowering users to participate in the decision-making process.  Categorically organized to view the metadata within each file to independently evaluate with a risk assessment at the user level.

Intuitave Interface
PuR MetaData analyzes and cleans hidden information from Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF attachments. Our intuitive interface helps you work more efficiently by increasing productivity and business continuity. 
PuR MetaData integrates directly with Outlook and provides a fully functional desktop client for in-place metadata removal and batch scrubbing. All metadata removal takes place at the point of creation where individual files and email attachments are prepared. PuR MetaData has the capability to analyze and remove metadata from both internal and external emails. Additionally, we have the ability to return to the cleaned email and verify metadata has been removed before your message is delivered.

A scalable yet practical step by step approach to metadata management. 

PuR Metadata workflow: Attachments Wizard start screen

PuR Metadata workflow: Attachments Wizard start screen



Leading Metadata Solution
PuR MetaData, the leading solution for metadata extraction, removes hidden information from attachments to protect your sensitive information. Ideal for several users, yet scalable enough for thousands, PuR MetaData automates the metadata removal process quickly and easily. With seamless integration for Outlook and features, such as centralized administration, Metadata Analysis, Global and Personal Option Sets, PuR MetaData simplifies the deployment and management process.

PuR Admin Panel
The PuR Admin Panel is a central management console designed to offer direct control over the email delivery process with regard to attachments.  Through this central interface, organizations can design and implement their very own custom corporate policies regarding metadata, including how email will safely leave the environment. Administrators can configure PuR to allow for end user decision making regarding all aspects of the software including customization of the PuR MetaData for Outlook interface itself.

When PuR MetaData for Outlook and the PuR Admin Panel are combined, organizations have the perfect combination of enterprise consistency with individual flexibility.  

PuR MetaData Annual Subscription User License

PuR MetaData analyzes, cleans visible and hidden metadata from Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF electronic files and email attachments. Included with your purchase:

  • PuR MetaData for Outlook

  • PuR MetaData Desktop

  • PuR MetaData Admin Panel

The PuR Admin Panel will offer direct control over creating and maintaining a company email policy regarding metadata within attachments.

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