The NOVO Suite is the complete package delivering the ability for users to efficiently manage the document comparison and metadata extraction process. Our unique and intuitive interface helps increase your organization’s bottom line by saving you time with the shortest learning curve of any solution on the market today. With the proliferation of document sharing and hidden data, The NOVO Suite enables you to effectively mitigate your risk as it relates to metadata and redlining quickly and easily. The NOVO Suite Premium Edition is the best way to address the compliance, security, and productivity challenges.

Focused on Legal
One of the largest challenges facing the legal market today is all of the heavy applications weighing down the desktop, inhibiting performance and distracting users from the business of law through inconvenient technical challenges.  When NOVO Compare is combined with PuR MetaData, you have the lightest and fastest content management solution, streamlined for your business.  The NOVO Suite offers comparable technology with half of the footprint.  Lighter software means faster workstations with less downtime, downtime which requires support for complicated and often unnecessary features.

Premium Features:
Built for speed and efficiency, NOVO Compare delivers features essential for professionals everywhere. With benefits like an intuitive interface, QuickCompare™, and seamless integration with your DMS and Outlook, we make the document collaboration process simple. The installation of our resource friendly application is quick and painless, often completing in less than five minutes. Virtually no training is required as NOVO Compare has been designed with a highly intuitive interface. 

NOVO Compare utilizes Quantum, our own proprietary formatting and OCR engine; leveraging the powerful core technology built inside of DocStyle.  The Quantum engine has been designed specifically for automating document structure and formatting, delivering the most accurate PDF Compare on the market today.  Enhanced for Enterprise Content Management environments, the NOVO Suite Premium Edition is the ideal solution for document comparison and metadata removal within the legal community.